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We build and support Magento 2 projects, integrate with marketplaces, CRM and ERP systems, create all types of customizations, multi-shipping, multi-vendor solutions, provide SEO support and performance optimization.

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Our clients

We work with players from different markets all around the world: the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan.

FASHIONESTA.com is online outlet for luxury brands. They offer highly popular clothing and accessories from internationally known fashion designers at affordable prices.
ALCON LIGHTING is a retail & wholesale distributor of Architectural LED Lighting Fixtures designed for commercial and modern residential applications.
SPROTTMONEY is the most trusted name in precious metals and offers competitively priced investment-grade bullion with security and peace of mind.
ASPHALT KINGDOM is recognized by thousands of clients as the trusted source they go to for the best quality of asphalt and seal coat products and equipment.

Our team

We help companies all over the world to drive success in digital commerce. Since we started back in 2014, we’ve delivered tailored commerce solutions to more than 100 B2B & B2C brands and merchants.

Magento services

Laconica provides the full spectrum of Magento services from UI/UX design to development and support.

Magento PWA and Hyvä Themes

Magento Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Improve your online business with Progressive Web App (PWA) technology.

A Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a web application that uses modern web technologies and design patterns to provide a reliable, fast, and engaging user experience. PWA websites are fast, secure, responsive, and cross-browser compatible. They are able work offline and act like a native app on mobile.

Hyvä Themes

Hyvä is a new frontend for Magento that is transforming the way developers and customers alike experience their cherished eCommerce platform.

It will improve your business and increase your bottom line. Your customers will be happier and your development team will too.

Migration to Magento 2

#1. Initial System Analysis

  • Basic functionality (especially customized features);
  • The number and type of your extensions;
  • Store design and its main structure;

#2. Technology Stack Adaptation

Magento Migration is a great excuse to upgrade your technology stack and change your server service provider if the existing one doesn't suit you. There can be many reasons for dissatisfaction with your server environment, such as insufficient functionality, poor scaling support, high cost, etc. And we'll help you make the right choice and find the vendor able to ensure the best user experience.

#3. Magento Database Migration

  • Initial migration
  • Delta migration

#4. Magento Functionality Migration

  • Reinstalling your extension. If an extension has an almost exact Magento 2 double, we just need to reinstall it. It's quite simple, isn't it?
  • Search for a similar extension. Does Magento 2 fail to provide your extension? It's okay, there is still a chance to find and install a similar one.
  • Development from scratch. Alas, when it comes to custom, structurally complex extensions, there is only one solution, namely, creating a feature from scratch.

#5. Integrations Migration

Your store is unlikely to operate without certain integrations, and they should also be migrated when switching to Magento 2. Moreover, working with integrations is similar to dealing with the functionality described above. Sometimes the way to proceed is simple, and sometimes we have no choice but to create the whole thing from scratch.

#6. Magento Design Migration

  • creating a design from scratch, taking into account all your wishes;
  • finding and customizing a suitable theme in the Magento 2 gallery;
  • adapting your themes to the requirements of Magento 2.

Magento Performance optimization

Performance audit

We use industry renowned tools and our vast experience to thoroughly analyze the performance of your Magento store.

That includes but is not limited to the ability of the server to handle existing loads and its configuration, the state of optimization of database queries, the presence of redundant extensions and the overall theme and extension efficiency, server-side and client-side errors including those directly affecting sales.

Performance optimization

Having analyzed the current state of affairs we dive into implementing the changes.

Our modifications prevent downtime, eliminate security problems or exploits, or improve the performance of your store to increase conversion rates and drive more revenue.

Performance monitoring

We provide a 24/7 availability, performance and Magento SEO monitoring of your store to be able to take preemptive measures as the very moment issues appear.

We also keep an eye and notify our customers on update rollouts so that they enjoy timely patches, improvements, and upgrades of their themes, extensions, and Magento’s core.

Magento Server Configuration

Audit & server configuration

Our architects analyze the configuration of your existing Magento environment.

They also scrutinize the loads it is currently experiencing, and suggest a new optimal and easily scalable configuration that takes into account your performance expectations, growth plans, and financial capabilities.

Server migration

Our DevOps engineers plan and execute server migrations for customers who are unsatisfied with their current IaaS or PaaS vendors.

Whether you are concerned with poor performance, lack of scalability, or uncooperative support, we’ll be happy to help you seamlessly move to a better hosting environment.

Magento Integrations

#1. Magento Integration with third-party Solutions

Laconica ensures a high-quality service of Magenta integration of your online store with any required systems, including payment solutions, shipment platforms, and analytical tools. These integrations are needed to automate and simplify various eCommerce processes. When integrating the extensions requested, we provide real-time data synchronization, which means you can manage your business without the risk of losing important information, which happens when it is being badly updated.

  • Ready-made Magento integrations. Magento offers a huge number of ready-made extensions that we can integrate into your store with ease and at no extra cost on your part.
  • Customized Magento integrationsLet's say you find a good extension, but it doesn't meet your needs perfectly. Don't worry, it's not a problem at all! We'll help you customize this solution and bring it closer to the ideal.
  • Magento integrations from scratchThere are a number of cases where a Magento store needs unique extensions and complex integrations. Thus, the best thing to do is to develop the desired solution from scratch. We're more than happy to offer you such a service to make sure your online store has all the required features.

#2. Magento Management using a Web API

Our Laconica team will help you create and configure a web API so that you can provide certain data of your Magenta store to third-party systems to receive a special service from them. Typically, the API gives access to such data as catalog, customer base, orders, and more.

#3. Successful Marketplace Integration

It's good to have your own online store, but why not increase sales by integrating your Magenta resource with major marketplaces like Amazon? We'll help you with this kind of integration. Moreover, you'll be able to manage your online store outlets from one place with full synchronization of all data.

#4. Efficient POS Integration

If your online store supplements the offline one, you cannot do without POS integration. We'll undertake this work and perform it at the highest professional level. As a result, your online and offline sales will be properly synchronized and automated, which gives you the opportunity to run your business with maximum convenience and given constant data updates.

#5. Integration of Payment Systems

No online store is complete without a reliable payment system. Pay special attention to this issue, for it is money we're dealing with. We're happy to help you integrate and configure the payment gateway of your choice. Thus you'll be able to track and manage all transactions as needed.

Extension development and customization

#1. Magento extension development

We offer Magento extension development services to help you customize your magento online store. We can improve your customers’ user experience in scenarios where there is no readily available extension that suits your needs.

  • Extension customization
  • Ensuring compatibility
  • Extension cross-compatibility
  • Extension and theme compatibility
  • Extension refactoring
  • Merging functionality
  • Extension design
  • Extension migration
  • Extension audit

Magento SEO

Laconica SEO experts help Magento store owners reveal the reasons for unsatisfactory rankings or indexing, and detect conversion killers.

  • Express SEO scan
  • Ad-hoc fixes
  • In-depth SEO audit
  • Strategy development
  • Ongoing SEO

Magento Maintenance & Support 24/7

Laconica engages in monthly maintenance with online retailers. We can render ad hoc support in cases of emergency, where there's an urgent issue that requires immediate attention of skilled engineers.

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Ad-hoc support
  • Magento, extension, theme, and server updates
  • Availability and performance monitoring
  • Third-party support takeover